ONE: The Self. The Few. The Many

This entry for an open competition to design a pavilion for West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong was done as a collaboration between Bloom Collective and an extended select design team. We call it BLOOM+.

With ONE: The Self, The Few, The Many, we seek to unite the various aspects of Hong Kong in a single habitable space and iconic form.

As a singular continuous gesture, ONE encapsulates the fluid transition of thresholds between personal, social and public space – composing three distinct spatial experiences of The Self, The Few, and The Many.

The proposal, selected by a large panel of designers and officials including Thomas Heatherwick and Sou Fujimoto was shortlisted, narrowly missing out on the winning category .

Design Team: Bloom+ (Matthew DONKERSLEY, Arnold WONG Yok Fai, Allen CHAU Shek Lun, Benjamin William Blanning GOUGH, Emily YAN Hei Men, Richard J WOOD )

Hong Kong

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