Rose Garden Gates, UK

The Design takes inspiration from the life cycle of a rose.

As it transforms from a bud to a flower it spirals and twists, and as it dies it wilts and discolors. On a day to day timescale, the gates transform from an ordered arch into a compressed spiral. On a longer timescale as the stems age, the patina discolours and transforms, illustrating the wilting process.Each leaf of the gate has a series of stem components which have a single twist, accentuating the spiral.In the closed position, the stems are ordered by height in order to dovetail with the fence, and grow upwards to meet centrally. As they close, the spiral coils in on itself and when fully closed the stems are organised into the spiral shape, creating the bouquet of stems. The design is also inspired by Colvin & Moggridge’s original concept for the garden. As the seasonal flower beds unfurl to represent the fanfare from the instrument of the central circular area, so the motion of the gates acknowledges the flaring notes to welcome the new day and new visitors.

In Collaboration with Fatkin Design

Rose Garden Gate - Concept Document.jpg
Rose Garden Gate - Concept Document2.jpg
Rose Garden Gate - Concept Document3.jpg